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FlashFXP Coupon Code – 30% Off FlashFXP Personal License

Use this coupon code to get 30% discount when you order for FlashFXP personal license! Coupon code will be automatically applied once you click the button.

Flashfxp Review

File transfer software needs to be some things before it can be considered adequate. The speed, functionality, and ability to handle a large number of transfers without breaking down needs to be above mediocre. FlashFXP is a file transfer software that provides some exceptional service including FTP transfers, New SSH file transfer protocol, passive and active mode data transfers. One of the most common challenges is slower speeds when moving multiple small files. You can say that is a good FTP client generally that will provide proper functions and user mechanism that make work and have a top-notch User Interface.


Downloading this client is easy thanks to multiple sites. The challenge with using any site is that you will likely encounter malware and many other road blocks. You can easily download without having to pay first and only get the license after the download for full use and access to the software. The best way to download is by visiting the official FlashFXP site. You will also enjoy the support and the surety of a safe download.


You are sure to find coupons for the FlashFXP license on some sites depending on what you are looking for. Some offer as little as 50% discounts which are a great deal when it comes to one of the best FTP clients out there.

Detailed Review

Some of the most important or key factors when it comes to FTP clients is the issue of security and the quality of the transfer. All this will not only improve the final product but improve how secure your files will be while in transit. It is the duty of hackers to try to get into any transfer stream just as it is the duty of the FTP clients to keep them out. The client also provides practice tutorials that make it easy to use at every level. Beginners can get a full experience through the tutorials and best of all be part of a community that uses the same software. This provides ready answers for likely challenges. Some of the most likable features of FXP include;


This is great clients if you are looking for the liberty to control the speed of your file uploads and downloads. The transfers are also high speed which not only saves time but money. You also get to enjoy Mode Z fly compression which works with Stat-I quick downloads and FEAT reducing your operating costs. They also increase production despite the transfer of multiple files glitch.

Webmaster tools

Webmaster tools enable you to manage and handle your files options with ease. Effortless file management also makes it easy to edit, skip list and edit remotely. Some of the other webmaster tools include selective transfer rule system, Custom commands for Group SITE and also the ability to explore the server file remotely. You are also baled to modify traits, edit, view, delete, move and transfer files at will. The latest feature is the ability to save and edit remotely without damaging your files.

User Interface

The setup of the interface goes a long way to determining how easy a website or software is to use. A good interface will not only be easy to use but have tutorials that enable users to follow step by step. This is one fact that FlashFXP got right. There are hundreds of video tutorials that you can use just to get the whole thing right with a beautiful interface to match. The icons and the fonts are welcoming with fast click options. There are also customizable options for the fonts, toolbars and icon sets. The clients also allow you to carry out some amazing feats including evaluating folders as you do your transfers. There is a new feature known as MINIMI that also helps you carry out an analysis when in use and a Windows 7 jump list that allows link history and site pinning. The multi-proxy manager also comes with a secure password option for heightened security.

Integrity and Assurance

The integrity of an FTP client is crucial. You need to be able to rely on the client for all your files to remain intact during every transfer. The FlashFXP client allows you to resume file transfers, automatic and manual time zone support, Transfer of unlimited sizes of files and Automatic ASCII binary assortment. All the transfers’ rules rely on the size of the files as well as the anti-idle connection.

Security Protocols

FlashFXP comes with Password encryption, Secure FTPs using SSL/TLS as well as SFTP, SSL site to site transfers and other key security features. The safety of your files is paramount and for most companies and individuals the first line of action. You do not have to worry with this client thanks to tight measures that have stood the test of time. CCC also was known as Clear Command Channel is available for extra protection and reliable root certification validation for any Windows storage.


FlashFXP does an excellent job when it comes to connectivity allowing passive and active file transfers with a resume option. This ensures that all file transfers are real-time and no broken chains lead to the wastage of time restarting transfers. All these are available for FTP, HTTP and SOCKS Proxies. It also allows autonomous Individual web connectivity and supports auto PRET for FTP servers that are dispersed. You also get data transfer rescheduling as an extra feature.

Client Support

You are confident of support through online tutorials in both written and video form. You also get to be part of a community where questions and challenges are tackled from a client point of view. Set up is easy and can be done by users from a novice to expert level by following simple steps from any tutorial provides.


This is a tool to use if you are looking for a safe and secure way to transfer your files without the worry of use and functions. The client is a huge improvement over many others FTP clients online that are complicated right from the interface. The FlashFXP provides all the good qualities for a file transfer software no matter the quantities or quality you have.